Tips for success in scholarships around the world

 Search for as many opportunities as you can There are plenty of scholarships out there; the tricky part is finding all the opportunities that are relevant to you. Use a variety of online searches and resources to create your own list of scholarships that match your profile. Consult the websites of universities you’re interested in, government agencies, independent scholarship database sites, and other online listings. To stay up to date, it can also be useful to join relevant social media groups, which regularly post new information about scholarships for students in your own location, demographic or subject area. Manage your time well Apply as early as you can, but don’t rush your application. Time management is especially critical if you’re juggling multiple scholarship applications. Make a calendar of all the deadlines and give yourself plenty of time to work on each one, ensuring you submit all the required documents. Some of these – such as academic transcripts or letters of recommendation – 

could take several weeks to obtain, so start to gather everything as early as you can. Pay close attention to the application essay topic Once you’ve identified relevant scholarships to apply to, the next stage is to ensure each scholarship application you write is well-targeted for the opportunity in question. Don’t be tempted to simply submit the same application essay each time. Instead, ensure your essay is closely matched to the topic, and makes reference to the specific criteria and aims of the scholarship program in question. This is much more likely to impress the scholarship committee. Get someone else to read your application As well as helping you identify typos or other errors,

 constructive feedback can also help you ensure the essay is a good reflection of your strengths. If you find it difficult to write about yourself, ask a friend or teacher what they see as your best qualities and achievements. Make sure these are highlighted in your essay, through examples and through the quality of your writing. Apply, apply, apply! Finally, try and give yourself enough time to find and apply for as many scholarships as possible, and be ready to persevere if your first applications are unsuccessful. Most successful scholarship recipients have to go through lots of unsuccessful applications before they finally succeed, so don’t let a few rejections deter you 

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