How to write scholarships essays

 Supporting documents The materials required will vary depending on the scholarship, but you’ll often be asked to submit: • A transcript of grades • Letter(s) of recommendation • An essay on a given topic For some need-based university scholarships in the US, applicants will also be asked to submit a ‘Free Application for Federal Student Aid’ (FAFSA) to establish whether they are in need of financial aid. If you have any specific queries about applying for scholarships, contact the scholarship provider using the contact information on the official website.

If you’re asked to write a scholarship essay as part of your application, this is

your chance to convince the judging committee to choose you. Make sure your

essay follows the question or topic set, and use this opportunity to highlight

your academic achievements, ambitions, interests, and how these relate to

the program you are applying for.

You should:

1. Carefully read the essay statement you are being asked to respond

to, and identify the key themes.

2. Read the guidelines on how essays will be assessed, and remind

yourself of the overall criteria and ethos of the scholarship scheme.

3. Make a clear plan for your essay, which answers the essay

question and allows you to show how you match the criteria for

the scholarship.

4. Try to capture the reader’s interest with an engaging opening, and

ensure your essay is easy to read and memorable throughout.

5. Stick to the stated word count and any other guidelines provided.

6. Ask a friend or tutor to read the essay before you submit it, to

check for errors and identify any relevant information you’ve

missed out.

7. Submit the essay within the deadline, and take the time to create

a separate essay for each scholarship you’re applying to – your

chances of success will be higher if your essay is closely matched

to the essay question and scholarship criteria.

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