US scholarship calendar around the year

 U.S. Scholarship Calendar
Need to keep everything straight? This calendar can help
ensure you’re doing what you need to do – and when!
January, February and March: This is the ideal time to begin researching
and applying for scholarships. Many scholarships run in accordance with the academic
calendar, so springtime is blooming with freshly opened scholarship applications
preparing to pay out to deserving recipients in the fall. 

Strive to turn your applications in
early and avoid the rush at the deadline date.
April, May and June: Most scholarship application windows will be winding
down by now. If you’ve already submitted applications to the programs of most interest
to you, this is a good time to start applying for smaller programs that are still open.
If you’ve found yourself procrastinating or forgot to apply earlier in the year, there’s still
time to find some fantastic opportunities. Search out programs that are still accepting
applications. Make a list organized by deadline date. Start from the top and challenge
yourself to meet each deadline. 

July, August and September: By midsummer, many students have their
financial plans figured out and there are not as many open scholarship programs. This
makes it the perfect time of year to break from filling out applications and focus on
research. Make a list of scholarships you find that fit your interests. Organize them by the
date they begin accepting applications so you don’t miss a deadline.
October, November and December: Now that the school year is
well underway and the time to start working on scholarship applications is again fast
approaching, it is a good time to do some pre-planning. Update your resume and make
a list of teachers, coworkers and counselors who could provide glowing references for
you. Did you set goals to improve your grades or up your involvement this year? Revisit
your goals from last semester and make sure you’re sticking to your plan or getting
yourself back on track if necessary.
Everyone has a different schedule and maybe your calendar is a bit different – just make
sure to set your own plan and create tasks and reminders that work for you. Get an early
start and stick to your goals throughout the year. Your future self will thank you for all your
hard work.

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