How to get scholarship in The US

 If you study abroad, you’re bound to have an experience of a lifetime – but one that comes at a cost. Some of the world’s most popular study destinations are also unfortunately some of the most expensive. And no matter where you choose to study, it’s likely that you’ll need access to some additional funding to help cover your tuition fees and living expenses. The good news is that a large number of scholarships are available for international students of a variety of backgrounds to help them study abroad. Funding is often offered by the governments of countries which are keen to attract more international students, as well as by individual universities. 

Scholarships can also be accessed via independent organizations; for example, QS runs a popular scholarships scheme, in partnership with universities around the world. Scholarships are, of course, highly coveted and highly competitive. Since they don’t need to be repaid, they’re the most appealing form of financial aid, but also often the most difficult to secure. To be in with a chance, you need to start your research early, persevere, and put in the time to ensure your application is a strong one. Read on for information about the types of scholarship available, where to find relevant scholarships to study abroad, and how to improve your chances of success. 

With so many varieties, there’s bound to be a scholarship opportunity out there to match your needs. Here are the most common types of scholarship: Merit-based scholarships Merit-based scholarships are awarded to students who show an exceptional talent in their subject. They recognize students’ academic achievements, such as an impressive grade point average (GPA), or a high score in a standardized test. Athletic scholarships are a subtype of these, and are most commonly found in the US (they are rare or unheard of elsewhere). These are awarded based on excellent sporting ability and can be quite competitive. You don’t have to be on a sports-related course to apply for athletic scholarships. Need-based scholarships Need-based scholarships are awarded based on an assessment of your own financial situation, and that of your parents.

 They are intended to aid lessfortunate students in following their academic dreams, and consider a range of factors, including income and dependents. Student-specific scholarships These are scholarships which are offered for a particular group of students, often aiming to provide additional support for an under-represented or disadvantaged group. This includes scholarships for minority groups, scholarships for women in male-dominated industries, and scholarships for LGBTQ students. Subject-specific scholarships Many scholarships are also available within specific subjects,

 often centered around a particular career path. Examples include medical scholarships, business school scholarships and engineering scholarships. University-specific scholarships Many universities offer their own scholarships, often including a combination of the types of scholarship listed above. Eligible students may be automatically considered for these when they apply to the university, or may need to submit a separate application. Unusual scholarships In addition to the main types of scholarship listed above, you may also encounter some rather more unusual scholarships, which often require applicants to complete a particular challenge. Examples include a duckcalling contest, a competition for making prom dresses entirely out of duct tape, and a contest for the best essay on the subject of copyright.

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