College football bowl standings

    The 2022 college football regular season is all over except for the shouting.

    But, buddy, Alabama fans have been doing a LOT of shouting since losses by USC and TCU during Championship Week.

    Will those upsets be enough for the Crimson Tide to jump from No. 6 on Tuesday to No. 4 on Sunday?

    Most likely not, but USC's loss to Utah probably did pave the way for Ohio State to sneak into the playoff despite that ugly home loss to Michigan one week ago.

    Before we get on with the bowl projections, here are the new Top 25 rankings from Bleacher Report's college football experts—David Kenyon, Adam Kramer, Morgan Moriarty, Kerry Miller and Brad Shepard—where Alabama is unanimously NOT in the Top Four, by the way.

      1. Georgia (Previous Week: 1)
      2. Michigan (2)
      3. TCU (3)
      4. Ohio State (5)
      5. Alabama (6)
      6. USC (4)
      7. Tennessee (7)
      8. Utah (11)
      9. Penn State (8)
      10. Clemson (9)
      11. Washington (10)
      12. Kansas State (12)
      13. Florida State (13)
      14. Oregon State (16)
      15. Tulane (17)
      16. UCLA (15)
      17. Oregon (18)
      18. LSU (14)
      19. Notre Dame (19)
      20. South Carolina (20)
      21. UTSA (24)
      22. Texas (21)
      23. Troy (NR)
      24. Fresno State (NR)
      25. Mississippi State (NR)

      Other Receiving Votes: Cincinnati, UCF

      In our bowl projections throughout the regular season, we highlighted noteworthy teams that moved up and down from one week to the next. But considering not a whole lot changed during championship week, we're instead focusing on which bowl teams finished the year most significantly better or worse than their preseason expectations.

      Before we dive into that, let's point out a few teams that surprisingly didn't even make it to bowl season. Texas A&M was No. 6 in the preseason Associated Press poll but finished 5-7. Michigan State and Miami also went 5-7 after debuting at Nos. 15 and 16, respectively.

      And though they weren't ranked in the Top 25, Auburn, Appalachian State and Nebraska each received at least one vote in the preseason poll before missing the cut.

      Now, without further ado, where will the 82 bowl-eligible teams land?

      Bowl games are broken into tiers and presented in ascending order of magnitude.

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