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The TBB Bank School of Entrepreneurship at Millennia Atlantic University goal is to empower the future generation of forward-thinking and entrepreneurial minded students. The TBB Bank School of Entrepreneurship offers two-degree programs: a BS in Retail & E-Business Entrepreneurship and a BS in Global Entrepreneurship.

Both undergraduate entrepreneurial degree programs emphasize hands-on business projects and applications with a real-world approach.

What’s even more exciting is that MAU’s Global Entrepreneurship and Retail & E-business degree programs culminate with students presenting their business concept pitches to TBB International Bank Corp. for the opportunity to acquire seed money to launch their very own business.

The Bachelor of Science in Retail and E-business degree program prepares students to create, launch and operate retail and e-commerce businesses. Learners will be exposed to MAU’s hands-on retail and e-business entrepreneurship curriculum which will enable them to gain in-depth knowledge about the development, management and operations of ecommerce, retail, and retail-related companies.

The Bachelor of Science in Global Entrepreneurship degree program trains students the skills to create, launch and operate an international import/export business. The Global Entrepreneurship program places a strong emphasis on hands-on projects that an up-and-coming entrepreneur can apply directly to business-related activities.

Upon completion of the Global Entrepreneurship and Retail and E-Business Entrepreneurship programs at MAU, students will be eligible to compete in the TBB Bank Get Funded Annual Pitch Competition. Finalists for this competition will be chosen by their professor and peers based on their Final Business Plan presentations in their capstone courses (ENT 498 and ENT 499). This annual competition provides a chance for our students to showcase all that they have learned throughout their program, while possibly getting their business funded and launched.

Throughout your program, you will have many hands-on projects and the opportunity to learn from three expert entrepreneurs.

Our MAU team is excited to help you discover your passion and to one day see you launch or run a successful business. You will be exposed to MAU’s project-based curriculum which will enable you to master skills related to entrepreneurial ecommerce, profitability and performance management, operations and much more.

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