During the month of October, Florida Prep students undertook 3 significant Community Service events; they raised money for Breast Cancer Awareness via the sale of T-shirts, prepared food for the homeless at local organization, The Daily Bread, and organized a bake sale for The American Red Cross. During November our student’s efforts continue unabated with Wreaths across America; selling wreaths to lay on the graves of Veterans, Save the Chimps, supporting a Chimpanzee sanctuary, and beginning the collection of Christmas gifts for the Toys for Tots campaign.

At Florida Prep we do not consider Community Service to be a stand-alone event that disappears after the fundraising is completed, it is lived each day as a part of the Florida Prep curriculum, and our students are encouraged to ‘give back’ through numerous projects and organizations, and by involving themselves in personal projects.

During their High School years, Florida Prep students are required to complete a minimum of 100 hours* of Community Service. This not only ensures they are eligible for the Florida Bright Futures Award, but also introduces them to the concept of helping others, and giving of their time; an element often lost in today’s fast-paced, instant-gratification world.

Given the large number of community projects available to students throughout the year, it is not difficult to find a project to support, and we encourage students to bring their personal passions and experiences for consideration.

Some have experienced the effects of cancer, homelessness, or living with diabetes, or other debilitating conditions, and their involvement and ability to speak on these subjects is a source of inspiration to many of our students, and often a glimpse into another world.

Our students are always looking for new community service options and we welcome suggestions for projects; we are always open to new adventures! To learn more about Florida Prep Community Service, contact our admissions team at admissions@flprep.com

*Pro-rated to a minimum of 25 hours per year.


Located within the footprint of the broader Florida Prep gated community, the Florida Prep Middle School is designed to meet the needs of our younger students; aged 11 – 14 years old, in U.S. grades 6-8.

Students in the middle school spend much of their time with their dedicated homeroom teacher, in one of four classrooms that form the nucleus of the middle school campus. Through this ‘small campus’ relationship, the teacher is able to build a strong rapport with students, enabling them to accurately gauge the academic and personal growth of each individual in their care.

Extensive play and seating areas allow for unsupervised activities and the opportunity for students to exercise and blow off steam in a safe, non-threatening environment. Students also benefit from a staggered lunch schedule that allows for our younger middle school population to eat, and leave, prior to the arrival of their high school peers.

The ‘big brother, big sister’ interaction between middle and high school students at Florida Prep is central to our integrated campus; often referred to as ‘a large family’.  It allows our high school students to nurture their younger counterparts, while still providing the space for both groups to act at an age-appropriate level.

Middle School boarders at Florida Prep are housed with students of their own age, benefit from a higher level of supervision and are assigned an earlier ‘lights out’ schedule in the evenings.

Student Advancement/Accelerated Learning

Florida Prep affords students the opportunity to pursue an ‘accelerated learning’ schedule, based upon demonstrated maturity, and accelerated learning capabilities. If a student is judged able to perform at a higher level either within the middle school community or even within our high school, they will be afforded the opportunity to advance into other classes after discussion with the student, the student’s parent or guardian, and faculty members at Florida Prep.

Daily teacher help and open communication between families and faculty ensure that should the schedule prove too burdensome, swift action may be taken to remedy the situation.

Student Enrollment

Middle school students are selected based upon test scores, personal interviews, overall maturity level, and teacher recommendations. While academic success is a major component of that process, we are also looking for a student we believe will be a good fit within our broader community.

To learn more, or to book a tour contact our admissions department today.


Wearing their red polos and a big smile, Florida Prep Admissions Ambassadors are often the first students a prospective family will meet at Florida Prep, and the relationships built during that period will often continue throughout the student’s time on our campus.

Ambassadors are recommended by current ambassadors, the Admissions Director, and faculty. They must demonstrate a passion for Florida Prep, believe in what the school has to offer, be outgoing, personable, and comfortable communicating with people.

It’s a high bar to clear, and each year only a few of the students initially recommended to start the Admissions Ambassador training module will become an ambassador and wear the red polo.

The training module includes:

·        Shadowing with a mentor during an Open House, a Virtual Open House, and Private Tour.

·        Attending regular meetings with a mentor; working on areas such as behavior, communication, tour tips, and tour strategies.

·        Conducting a one-on-one school tour for the Admissions Director.

·        Submitting an essay on why they meet the requirements of the role.

Ambassadors are also leaders and may often be found at the forefront of fund-raising activities, and student events. They are also the go-to people for advice for students both new and old. 

Given the extensive selection requirements, the training, and the ongoing commitment required for the role, Admissions Ambassadors are highly regarded within the Florida Prep community. Competition is fierce and each year the announcement of our new ambassadors is a source of great pride.

The ambassadors chosen for the 2021/2022 academic year are:

Scott, Rachel, Anna, Drew, and Mackenzie. Congratulations and welcome to Admissions!   

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