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Many of us want an overview of how much energy our country consumes, where it comes from, and if we’re making progress on decarbonizing our energy mix. This page provides the data for your chosen country across all of the key metrics on this topic.

In the selection box above you can also add or remove additional countries and they will appear on all of the charts on this page. This allows you to compare specific countries you might be interested in, and measure progress against others.

In the energy domain, there are many different units thrown around – joules, exajoules, million tonnes of oil equivalents, barrel equivalents, British thermal units, terawatt-hours, to name a few. This can be confusing, and make comparisons difficult. So at Our World in Data we try to maintain consistency by converting all energy data to watt-hours. We do this to compare energy data across different metrics and sources.

We will continue to update our data and charts with the latest global and country figures – typically on an annual basis.

what share of population have access to electricity ?

Electricity is a good that adds massive value to modern life: from having light at night; to washing clothes; cooking meals; running machinery; or connecting with people across the world. Many would argue that it is a crucial for poverty alleviation, economic growth and improved living standards.

This interactive chart shows the percentage of people that have access to electricity.

what share of population have access to clean fuel ?

Having clean fuels and technologies for cooking – meaning non-solid fuels such as natural gas, ethanol or even electric technologies – makes these processes more efficient, saving both time and energy.

But it also comes with massive health benefits. The use of solid fuels for cooking – such as charcoal, crop waste, or dung – is a primary risk factor for deaths and ill-health from indoor air pollution.

This interactive chart shows the percentage of the population that have access to clean cooking fuels for cooking.

Sweden Per capita and other energy issues 

When we compare the total energy consumption of countries the differences often reflect differences in population size.

It’s useful to look at differences in energy consumption per capita – how much energy the average person consumes.

This interactive chart shows the average energy consumption per person each year.

A few points to keep in mind when considering this data:
  • These figures reflect energy consumption – that is the sum of all energy uses including electricity, transport and heating. Many people assume energy and electricity to mean the same, but electricity is just one component of total energy consumption. We look at electricity consumption later in this profile.
  • These figures are based on primary energy consumption – given by the ‘substitution method’. You can read our explainer on the different metrics used to measure energy
How much energy does the country consume every year 

How much total energy – combining electricity, transport and heat – does the country consume each year?

This interactive chart shows primary energy consumption for the country each year.

How is the energy charging from year to year ?

Many countries have seen large increases in the amount of energy they consume year-on-year, as people get richer and populations grow.

How is total energy consumption changing from year-to-year? Is demand increasing or decreasing?

This interactive chart shows the annual change in primary energy consumption, given as a percentage of the previous year.

How much in average swedish citizen consume electricity every year ?

Electricity is often the most ‘visible’ form of energy that we rely on day-to-day – it keeps our lights, TVs, computers and internet running.

How much electricity does the average person in the country consume?

This interactive chart shows per capita electricity consumption.

little above 16k kilowatt 


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