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Gartner's Technology has become the most wanted and desired IT technology that helps companies and persons clients to have the suitable decision for the situation , 

and the gartner mother company has a slogan which is : 

we drive actionable objective insight to executives and their teams too , and our expert guidance and tools enable faster and smarter decision for the organization 's problems and critics 

the expert guidance brings customized decisions  , because they formerly held leadership position in the function to help challenge conventional thinking and jump start invent 

Gartner has tools and benchmarks which are 


  • Gartner Score maturity diagnostics that span more than 60 functional areas across the enterprise
  • 100+ Gartner Magic Quadrants, the gold standard for objective market analysis covering more than 800 technology and technology service vendors
  • The Gartner Digital IQ index, including reports on the performance of 1,000+ brands

Gartners started in UK for first time and then in the US , Canada , Sweden , Russian , Estonia , Latvia , and Lithuania as domicile for many famous IT technology and Many softwares vendors , Ethical hacker as well , 

Gartner in the united states enables you to connect with peers , and let you get into the community , 
  • Peer perspectives and advice are accessible through the Gartner Peer Connect client community of nearly 114,000 active participants across every enterprise function
  • The Gartner Peer Insights public community, where 190.000+ enterprise IT users have shared more than 350,000 online reviews 

now you can get gartner technology in united states and canada with some companies like 

 NICE inContact
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